“Dry Surfing” 2011-2061



“I use the idea of surfing as a metaphor for trying to really and truly dance my heart out. In this work I am searching for my ultimate dance- to enter the realm where codified and embodied knowledge collide, explode and thrust the person/performer to new physical heights, exhilaration and possibility.”

Dry Surfing is my ongoing practice based research. It stems from my daily practice called ‘Give me my daily dance” my approach to training and dancing and currently the foundation to many of my solo’s, it’s through this daily practice  that bubbles of thought rise to the surface and provoke questions and ideas’.

I became  interested in discovering my own  movement blue print , to understand further my  physical intellect, notice how my knowledge and experience of dance collide with my curiosity and the unknown,  the not yet learnt. How do codified and embodied knowledge integrate, hold hands, support one and other, or is it  an act of sabotage and repeating pesky habits. I want to share these “attempts” in  a performance context, hence the deliverance of “Dry surfing”


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