Give Us Our Daily Dance

“Give us our Daily Dance” is a form of training and simultaneously a process of expansion, discovery and hopefully  continual feedback. I acknowledge that Dance is in a consistent state of flux and embrace the playful existence of codified and embodied movement and all of the in-between and unknown. I feel more than ever the importance of reconnecting to why we dance? To unleash the full potential of the dancing body on a daily basis.

For the last seven years, through practice I am exploring the link between dancing and thinking. When I dance it’s not only an articulation of thought, it also creates thought, like bubbles that get shaken to the surface. These pockets of thought  hold information questions, possibilities and impulses that go on to inform my choreographic and performance work.


The practice consists of guided exercises, departure points and lots of flamboyant dancing  cultivates a playground of possibilities, entering into realms where perceptual possibilities clash with our physical limitations and deliver us into new forms.


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