Portfolio of solo work by Lucy Suggate


All the work is flexible and easily portable. Can be performed as together as one program or as individual solos as part of  a mixed  artist evening.

In 2008 I started a new chapter into my own research and practice. The result has been a series of solo’s choreographed and performed by myself. In the shadow of economic doom I believed it  was important to make work with no money and few resources, to see if  I could do it, make something important with out the fuss and decoration.

It was through this process that my work transformed.I had discovered to beauty of choreographic scoring. Hallelujah!

‘Iron Lady’ (10) Fascinated by  ‘Female bodybuilding’ the extreme nature of it competition  and the aesthetics it produces . The process of transformation alongside  broader themes dealing with female vanity.

‘Latin Beach (7)

Latin Beach is a performer she has a desire for sparkle and a fierce competitive streak. A look at what could have been if I’d kept up my Latin Jazz classes, but I didn’t I stopped at the age of 13 found the floor and gave into gravity. The solo examines the relationship between childhood desires and the adult critical body, splicing together genuine and forced actions. By doing and repeating the work reveals what lies behind the façade, the pain, the, retching, the trips and mistakes.


 ‘Liquid Gold’ (7)

Solo Performance’ Liquid Gold is a visual delight, a sensual and intricate solo where the performer embarks on a luxurious transformation. With liquid limbs and a spine like treacle the body becomes fluid in expression, articulation and thought.The program also includes ‘Bonedust’ and ‘Dry Surfing’


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