swarm-sculptures_festival-into-the-fields_photo-by-herand-mu%cc%88ller-scholtes_0317swarm-sculptures_festival-into-the-fields_photo-by-herand-mu%cc%88ller-scholtes_9896swarm-sculptures_festival-into-the-fields_photo-by-herand-mu%cc%88ller-scholtes_9893swarm-sculptures_festival-into-the-fields_photo-by-herand-mu%cc%88ller-scholtes_0180swarm-sculptures_festival-into-the-fields_photo-by-herand-mu%cc%88ller-scholtes_0136swarm-sculptures_festival-into-the-fields-festival_photo-by-herand-mu%cc%88ller-scholtes_0141swarm-sculptures-into-the-fields-festival_photo-by-herand-mu%cc%88ller-scholtes_0062swarm-sculptures-olga-galona-25‘The universe is real but you can’t see it. You have to imagine it. Once you imagine it you can be realistic about reproducing it’ Alexander Calder

“Swarm Sculptures” is a Durational movement installation bringing together many strands of action and research.  After a stint of making solo work I wanted to see how other bodies could fit into my choreographic process, in fact the more important question was why use other bodies and how to begin to organise them in space? Knowing that I wanted to avoid the usual and limited formations of Dance Choreography. I wanted to cultivate something out of necessity rather than  decoration or the usual practice of movement occupying space. I have really appreciated how visual artists place objects in space. How the amplification of a singular object can eventually transform and transcends itself. How could this mass repetition execute itself  within a movement score? Can choreographic patterns induce the transformation of the human form?  The above leads me to consider “The Body As Sculpture” combined with a recent fascination into Trance, Altered States, the collective and infectious nature of movement and Swarm intelligence, all  encourage a return to simplicity that somehow  culminates in  mesmerising  actions and patterns.

“The body in motion is an articulation of complexity and grace, a 3 -dimensional model that can  construct, fold, collapse and re position the future. We are Dancing in the shadow of our own humanity balanced precariously between advancement and disaster- the only way to respond is to move, move together like swarms to transcend, transform and rebuild our sense of the communal, the collective body .  Swarm Sculptures interweaves primal, dreamlike and physical surfaces to expand the perceptions and actions of the doer and the spectator. Raising answers to the questions what are we watching for and why do we do?”

Photos by Amy Sinead photography and  Herand Muller- Scholtes



Swarm Sculptures is a project produced by Lucy Suggate, Dance4, Dance Base, Yorkshire Dance,  De Montfort University Leicester, Nottingham Contemporary, NN Contemporary Art,  Bonn Tanz Festival, Dancing Museums and supported by the Arts Council England.


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