“Pilgrim is a physical journey through the mystical sound scores created by Electronic Musician James Holden. It is a reminder of the ancient and enduring kinship between Dance and Music and the deeply transformative qualities of both. The work is haunted by remnants of English folk heritage and pagan sensibilities shifting between hypnotic and euphoric states. Lucy’s physical vocabulary is irreverent and eclectic; she guides us through minimal sophistication towards Acid House and arduous repetition, resulting in a variety of perceptual and physical shifts. Coaxed along by Holden’s beguiling and epic rhythms she is constantly questioning and reminding us of why we Dance? “


originally devised during 2013 Modul Dance residency between Lucy Suggate and Sonia Gomez.

Drawing upon years of making, dancing and improvising Choreographer Lucy Suggate attempts to exploit the textures and sensations of Holden’s beguiling electronic compositions. Most importantly she wants to get to the end, to make it through the Dance.

original production by


Created in the framework of the European project Carte Blanche Modul-Dance with the support of EU Culture Programme.

“The Inquisitive Middle”  was a research performance project with Lucy and Sonia, taking place Autumn 2013 at GRANER in Barcelona.

Sonia and Lucy have found themselves in the middle.  It’s not the most attractive place to be, a choreographic wasteland, where artists tend to await extinction. Somehow it creeps up with time, age and experience! Some people manage to avoid it by making themselves famous and therefore they get to bypass the middle and become the top.

As frustrating and tedious the middle place is, it is a point of view. Sonia and Lucy have decided to use this interesting vantage point in their quest for knowledge. From the middle they will scrutinise the top and the bottom, the old and the new and redefine the middle as a destination to be.

“The Inquisitive Middle” is a manifesto, it’s a combination of 30 years of moving and dancing, and it’s a refusal to be ignored. A time to undo and redo. A journey of performance, exploration, dilemma’s and resistance.

“As artists we are NO longer willing to be held hostage by circumstance.

During this research (which is also a performance) they will attempt to help each other grasp the impossible, quantify the elusive, solve each others choreographic dilemmas, and theoretical conundrums…. or maybe they just make something really straightforward and simple. Keepin it real in the middle!

This project is made possible by Mom Elvivero,GRANER, Dansehallerne, Denmark,Terrassa TNT, Mercat de les Flors, Modul Dance and the Arts Council England  and The British Council International Artist Fund.


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